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A Selfie Stick and Sick Sound have a Trippy Effect in Hefe Hettroc's Video "Shr00mz"

   Shot on a cell phone with a selfie stick....almost seemed to add the perfect effect to make Hefe Heetroc's new video "Shr00mz" stand out. With a different sound of beat and style of flow, combined with the colorful effects and crazy "selfie" faces made, you actually feel "shroomed" out. The music Hefe makes almost always carries a sound unheard of,…


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This is the Sound Track to Your Nightmares. Horror and Hip Hop Perfectly Blended in the New Harvey Finch Album "Relapse"


   If the name "Harvey Finch" rings a bell, it shouldn't be surprising. His name appears on over 300 music videos and 50 projects. You might have even seen him before in videos. Strange guy, red bag on his head and sounds like the devil speaking because of a distorted voice effect. But if you listen, you start to realize, aside from the gimmick this guy has…


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Brielle Von Hugel Releases Her New Single And Video, "Naked"

     F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Records recording artist, Brielle Von Hugel, brings a refreshing emotional depth to the pop scene with her sophisticated voice and natural storytelling. In her latest song "Naked," Brielle’s powerhouse vocals delicately belts over a stripped down solo piano. She describes that intimate phase of a relationship…


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Take A Look at the "EUNG Freestyle" As These Guys Show Korean Hip Hop Artists Can Hold Their Own


    Let us introduce you to LIVE, SIK-K, PUNCHNELLO, OWEN OVADOZ, & FLOWSIK. But with their video having passed 11 million views, it is surprising you don't know them. Let's start with the visual. Simply filmed, the effects popping in accordance with the music makes the video something to be recognized itself. The art concept on this…


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Absoloot Sets Himself Apart from the Rest With His New Single "Man on Fire"


    Florida native, Absoloot, releases his new single 'Man on Fire" and its a certified classic. From a smooth melodic hook to witty word play and fast paced verses, Absoloot  is definitely flaming up.  And he is only adding gas to the fire. His flexibility over the bouncy track just makes you want to bounce with it. And you know when a track makes you move,…


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Crooner Kenny Fame Releases New Ep "An Intimate Portrait" Is Now Available for Your Listening Pleasure


  Kenny Fame is an American singer-songwriter who first launched his career working at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. Fame's music is a throwback to '70s-soul a la Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder or David Ruffin; gritty and raw like the days of vinyl records and 8 track tapes.

   And now you can get his latest project "An Intimate…


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Peep Mougleta in her new video "Magic" Off her upcoming debut EP "From the Jungle"


  Mougleta is an amazing singer/song writer, of Canadian/Lebanese decent. Musically inspired by the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson and more, she brings a sound of "fun" back to music. Being the daughter of a former drummer( Father), and a mother that sang in the church choir devotedly, it's almost safe to say she was born for music.…


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VerseBorn Officially Goes In On the Eneme Produced Track "Gold Frame"


  The KonQuestNow family continues to show they are a force to be reckoned with as they continue to bless the underground with music that embraces the essence of true hip hop.

   VerseBorn ignites an esoteric thunderstorm on the new track “Gold Frame”. While rooting himself as a premier figure in the world of underground music, VerseBorn…


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The KonQuestNow Camp are Taking Their Place as Elites With the New Single from Wreck The Rebel, VerseBorn and Smooth Da Truth

Let's start like this;

ELITE: the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as of a group or class of persons.

   And that's the EXACT message Wreck The Rebel, VerseBorn and Smooth Da Truth are saying plain and simple. And they definitely have the bars to back it up. As stand alone artists, they each have a unique and strong delivery. Their individual styles all have a way of touching a beat so perfectly you lose all focus of the instrumental.…


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Detroit EmCee STREET LIGHT Murders His New Visual Release 'FlatLine"


     Street Light continues to drop visuals from his "Dark Summer" project. This time around seems to be a dual character theme in the woods. Though extremely simple, the video shows an artistic vision. And Street Light tears across the track dropping sick…


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Wreck The Rebel and Smooth Da Truth Hoping They "Make It Home" In This latest Single of Real Hip Hop

    Now, this isn't the first time we have spoken on Wreck the Rebel and his KonquestNow family. This isn't the first time we were highly impressed with what we heard. But this man never fails to take us to a new level of awe with each release. …


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When the Hood Starts Illustrating A Strong Mind State, A Shift is Coming In. Check Out the Newest Single from VerseBorn and Wreck the Rebel Entitled "Shift"

   As the KonQuest Now camp keeps the , VerseBorn and Wreck The Rebel unleash "Shift", a melodious motivational masterpiece produced by Mickie Moore. Two of the dopest underground artist in the  continue to drop gems in multitudes for the masses. KonQuest continues to gain momentum and root itself into the underground community as a provider of positive influence and motivational messages- "Shift" displays all facets of this effort. …


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West Coast Emcee VerseBorn Attacks the Agenda with his new release "Policy"


 As the www.KonQuestNow.com camp continues to hit with back-to-back slappers, @VerseBorn drops "Policy", a politically charged which perfectly fits the mood of the current election season as well as expounding on numerous…


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