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The Hype Is Real “Q&A With N8URE”

1.What’s your background
i come from a lil old town called maysville in north carolina, came up like the other kids around me in the hood but in a more turbulent household as a child witnessing a lot of traumatic events that still haunt me at 18 years old. i didn’t have much of either parental figure in my life my guardian angel is my great grandmother and you can thank her for making me everything good that i am. 
2. What does your work aim to say?
my work aims at the hopeless romantics and  substance abusers to let them know they truly aren’t alone in this struggle. just as music helped me through the murkiest waters i want to return the favor to my fellow humans in the form  of my own music 
3. How does your work comment on current social or political issues?
i tend to stray as far away from any political references as i can. while i completely understand why politics and music become intertwined i don’t agree that politics should be a focus of music. it creates an inevitable divide in the community and id like us all to be able to agree to disagree but some people just can’t do that and it makes for a toxic community experience. 
4. Who are your biggest influences?
my biggest influences have gotta be lil peep, wicca phase springs eternal, slug christ, mac miller, juice wrld and even the red hot chili peppers to TOOL. i listen to all kinds of music good music is universal .
5. How have you developed your career?
as a rookie coming in on my first year i knew barely anything about how to mix and master songs and didn’t know a lot about audio equipment. i’ve made it a point to try and  educate myself in depth on the best quality equipment and the best mixing methods. im taking it step by step and not rushing a thing. 
6. How do you seek out opportunities?
honestly opportunities have seemed to find me when i wasn’t necessarily looking for them but doing the right things to get them. sitting and doing nothing isn’t gonna get you opportunities but putting yourself out there and being confident in what you do draws attention that brings opportunities. 
7. How do you cultivate a collector base?
direct communication. show them the type of person you really are behind the music and they’ll love you for more than just what your putting out but will absolutely support you when you do put out some new work or merchandise because they like you as a person 
8. How do you navigate the art world?
i tread water and observe making sure im not biting anyones style and once i think i’ve got something original and worth showing the world i pursue it relentlessly because the next great mind could be working on something similar and i want to be on the scoreboard first so people don’t accuse me of not being original. originality is the focal point of art in my opinion
9. How do you price your work?
it’s honestly really hard to put a price on something like art to me because to me it’s priceless but to answer your question literally, i would base the price of my work on first the production quality making sure it actually sounds full and then second the blood sweat and tears that i put into it and how much i think people will actually appreciate my work 
10. I’m Which current art world trends are you following?
I’m a trend setter. not a follower. i really don’t pay attention to trends and fads while yes you can use them to capitalize off of and i surely will if something comes around and it’s an obvious come up but trends always die out. i want to leave a legacy that lasts a lifetime. 
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