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The “Back 2 Facts” Interview With Sarah Dansey of “It’s Da Crown Magazine” Part 2

SD: So as we continue... We were talking about CRSouth. Tell me what happened? Correct me if I’m wrong but you closed CRSouth for a little while right??

RB: Yeah, we did. 2012ish i’d say. We had to regroup we parted ways with damn near 75% of the talent in that area of the crown. It was for the best of course, things started happening to fast, egos started to get in the way of the music and then we had artists focusing more on impressing women then getting this money. So we had to pull it all the way back in. For real, at one point we only had 3 artists and one producer in the southern section of CRE. Mann we rode through it though. And have since rebuilt and all the while Los Peezy has maintain the helm. And kept us planted in southern soil. Salute that!!

SD: Ok so let’s talk San Diego, while you were living there is when CRE really took hold right? I can say that’s when I really started hearing about you guys probably in 2013. But at that time you were signed to a label correct?

RB: (Laughing) No, well yes and no! Yes, I started CRE in Las Vegas, but once I moved to San Diego we still had Vegas as the home base but I was expanding our boundaries, markets and pushing limits. No, I was never signed to Island Swag. I was in a independent project partnership with the CEO Big Rex. He offered me a discounted rate for studio time and plugged me with a few Deygo heads and I payed my own way! It’s was more mentoring then anything else. A lot of growth happen for me at Island Swag Entertaiment. I learned a lot and I moved on. All business ain’t good business.

SD: So if you weren’t signed where did the distribution deal come from? How were you able to lock that in??

RB: Crown Music?? I met a lot of good people and made a lot of great connections while I was working on my Alter Ego mixtape series at Island Swag studios. One of which is my engineer Loose Lyric! Loose and I kinda further the steps of growth for what CRE was going to be musically once we both walked away. Probably one year into Loose opening FC Studios, he offered us a buy-in to our own distrubtion deal through Empire distrubtion and the rest is history.

SD: Hang in there with me I have a few more questions. Fast forwarding to earlier this year, you added two younger artist as a group and called them “No Introductions Needed”. You guys dropped a self titled mixtape by the group, totally set the stage on fire at a few local clubs and then they were no more? What’s the truth behind their departure??

RB: Honestly Sarah... that situation is why I no longer mentor without a contract. “No Introductions Needed” was a group I molded and put together as favor to a friend. And in a two year span we had groomed them to a point that they had been getting record label deals and not discussing it with us at all. So I felt it best that they go they own way, it got to a point I felt as if they were being fake but calling me big bros all the while. It was just time to let them fly alone without the help of our trailing wheels. And I wish them the best, strictly business.

SD: Ok so since we talking more present tense, I know I seen a video with The group we just spoke about, IC Jonez, Carolyne Scott & Crown Gang performing all on one stage at the Attic or Kracker Boxx I think?

RB: Yeaaa, that was at the Krackerboxxx! That was a great night! Awesome show to be frank! We did embassy also! Lit that thang too!

SD: I thought the same thing! But fast forward to now and IC Jonez nor Carolyne Scott are with the Crown any more. Which I hate to see because I thought they fit in perfectly with what you already had going. It seemed to be such a great mesh. What happened there??

RB: A great team can only be defeated from within by itself. At that time we also brought in Mingo, Yung Styles & UnShakeable Entertaiment. So we had a great new core and nucleus of talent but when you work with people who have been working by themselves so long that they don’t know how a true team works or when people been so focused on just their own brand for so long, how can they say they are here to help accelerate your brand too.. they can’t. It’s not often many can. And because we had formed this huge conglomerate under the crown umbrella, not all wanted to have their brand under the umbrella... thus fast forwarding to now they are no longer here. Conflict of interest as far as our brands were concerned.

SD: So what about Rubee Redd, haven’t seen much of her lately?

RB: Damn... are you tryna make some funk Sarah? (laughter) Naww Redds good she working, dealing with family and personal business... ya know! But she’s still part of the crown for sure! I got her working on her next project.

To Be Continued..

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