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Artist Radar: NC Artist Vayreni Is On The Rise

Vayreni collaborated with Osiris Productions to create and release their first official mixtape “The Forbidden Fruit Project” in late July of 2020. The mixtape was mostly defined by trippy melodies, head spinning punchlines, and dynamic flows. “On Demand” was a fan favorite along with “Locomotion” and “Trench Work Interlude” to name a couple. Later that year, Vayreni followed up with three singles: “I’m Alright”, “Blood Red Lamb”, and “Die High.”

Vayreni kicked off 2021 with his single “Homesick”, sticking to his melodic flow and heart to heart lyrics. This was later offset by “Pay The Price” dropping in the heat of May, complimented by the polar opposite “Angels” released early December at the end of that year before beginning production on the album “Premonition.” The Urban$ound team got to sit down with Vayreri and got to learn more about his project Premonition.

What inspired the title Premonition?

“When I came up with the title Premonition I wanted to play into the title as much as possible because it was based off the idea of speaking what you want into existence as well as literally predicting events that happened in my life before they actually happened. In a sense it serves as a reminder to myself that I know what’s coming, how to prepare for it, and what I want from it.

What was one of the best moments you had working on Premonition?

“Me and My producer Osiris Productions were recording my track “Overdose” and we were doing a simple sound test for the mix preset he made up for it and it had waaay too much tune on it. He walked away and was talkin to his girl about something I can’t remember what but while they were talking I was just like “Factuaaal… Statemeeents” and went on to spit a joke freestyle over it sounding T-Pain as hell but we were all sittin in there laughing our asses off at what just happened because it was so random and outta the blue. I’ll definitely remember that moment forever.”

What was your favorite track to record on premonition ?

Definitely Pinkman, I was spitting over the instrumental to this song every single day on repeat back to back even while I was driving delivering pizzas at my Second job. I was determined to make sure this song turned out perfect because it was a testament of all the shit I had to put up with from my ex and I made sure to make it personal.”

What inspired your track Pink man ?

Pinkman was inspired by a real life toxic relationship that I was trapped in for a year and a half. I found myself putting up with unacceptable behavior and finally snapped, I really just put everything on the table with this one in all honesty.”

What makes this album different from your previous projects?

A lot more inspiration, planning, and experience went into this project. I developed a concept for the album and got more and more excited with every idea I thought of because it was real as hell and solidified the concept with every track.”

What is your writing process like ?

I like to let the beat ride for a little bit and listen for drops and all that before I start writing my lyrics, when something comes to me I write it down and keep going. Using this method I’ve cranked out songs in 3 hours from start to finish including the production of the instrumental and mixing. However, I have been experimenting with different recording methods and seeing what I like and what flows the best.”

What is something fans should take away while listening to Premonition?

Listen to your gut and never second guess yourself! You are your own best friend and if you don’t have confidence in yourself and your ability you will never succeed in life regardless of what your goal is. Health is wealth and wealth is a mindset.”

The Urban$ound team was able to listen to “Pinkman” from Vayreni’s Album “Premonition ” and this was our overall opinion of it. Vayreni had a lot of iconic bars. He had a lot of different bars that resonated with the audience and his lyrics would really speak to you. Listeners can easily relate to the story that Vayreni was trying to convey . He had a girl who mistreated him and now he has a girl that treats him right . The topic of “Pinkman” is relatable and definitely has a vibe . You would even put him in the league of $uicideboys with the level of quality of music . So if you are a fan of $uicideboys or even Ghostmane you will definitely be a major fan of Vayreni. His sound is catchy and will have you listening to this song on repeat.

To keep up with Vayreni follow him on Instagram @Vayreni

To listen to Premonition check it out on Vayreni’s Spotify

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