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Release Radar: Recording Artists Jamaal Marvel & TCvsChanze Are Dropping Saturday Night Lights The Party Pack Jan 24th

Jamaal Marvel and TCvsChanze just announced that they are coming together again to drop a new project called Saturday Night Lights The Party Pack, and Fans are going nuts over it. But first who is Jamaal Marvel and TCvsChanze. Jamaal Marvel is A Virginia native, this singer/song-writer/rapper/producer blends the best of all that is loved in Hip-hop, R&B, Funk and Pop into a sound that defines the word unique. Pulling elements of 80’s fun and the heart and vibe of the 90’s, he continuously impresses with creative melodies and relatable lyrics. With his third solo studio album “Tales of a Fool: Volume 1.5 Stormfront Edition” an extension of his 2020 album “Tales of a Fool Volume 1” on the horizon, Jamaal gives us a taste of what to expect this time around with his latest singles “Saturday Night Lights (SNL),” “Day and Night,” and SNL Party Favors. With deep lyrics, soulful harmonies, and infectious flows, the Stormfront Edition is set to deliver a sound foreshadowed by his name, a work of art…a work of marvel. In 2012 while stationed in Phoenix, AZ, Jamaal began touring with a small group, performing at local venues. His First album “Love & Imperfections” debuted in 2013. In 2015 he co-founded the fusion group Half Black, becoming its lead vocalist. Following the release of songs like On Edge, Jane Doe, Warrior and I Scream 4 Noise, the group’s album “Evolution” debuted in 2016. He was also the vocal melody and lyrical creator behind the 2017 hit Daily, by the artists Rival & Cadmium garnering over 2 million plays on YouTube. The collaborative single “Power of Music” with EDM artist Cadmium also premiered that year. In early 2020, he released the first single “SUCKER” from his second solo studio album, garnering over 100,000 plays on Spotify. Single “Future Love” and hit “Give It To Me” soon followed, scoring Jamaal a spot on the top Upcoming 100 Charts. “Tales of a Fool” was released September 30, 2020 garnering over 350k plays on Spotify. Singles “O.T.P and “Mr. Man” were released soon after. In April 2021, the final single from the album “Darkside” was released, also smashing through 100,000 streams.

TCvsChanze is a rapper born in New York but grew up in North Carolina. She started off competing as a slam poet in 2008, and then she started to incorporate her poems into music. She was inspired by Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, which is when she came out with her first song” First class Chick “, she worked with a lot of other artists, and was apart of a collab mix-tape called Introduction to the masterminds that Featured New York artists, Cookie Malone, Talented Blake, and VA native Lamont Lawrence. In 2014 TCvsChanze took a step back from rap music to work and co-found the acapella group Vocal Harmony. She has been back active since 2020 releasing singles such as Break up call, Do You Mind, Truth , Darkside Freestyle and Novacaine. Both of these powerhouses were making waves in music and in May 2021 TCvsChanze and Jamaal Marvel Came together to create Saturday Night Lights. They soon became super popular when their hit single Saturday Night Lights went viral on Tiktok, when Tiktoker Akintoye remixed the pair’s song. Saturday Night Lights has been a statement song with almost 200k streams on Spotify alone. The pair were super excited to give fans what they have been waiting for, a new project that features a brand new single with it. We excitedly got to talk to the duo recently to learn more about the new project.

Jamaal ,what Made You and TCvsChanze Want to create a pack for Saturday Night Lights?

That’s easy, seeing how the song made people feel, how it made them smile, the good energy it brought and the love from our fans!

This question is for both of you, what inspired the original song Saturday Night Lights ?

TCvsChanze: “For me, I remember going out with my friends one night in Raleigh NC, and we were just going from street to street ,and there were these twinkle lights above, on one of the streets we were walking on, and I was like, “hmm Saturday Night Lights I like that.””

Jamaal Marvel : The collaboration has been looooooong in the making! Lol I’m talking years! So it was simple. As for the lyrics and flows um I’d say for me the beat. I believe that music speaks and tells you what it wants to say and to me the beat was screaming friends, memories and good times.”

What is the writing process like?

Jamaal Marvel : “You know I’ve gotten this question a lot. It’s actually pretty simple due to technology. Me and TC are about 15 hours away from each other so we simply jumped on zoom , listened to the beat together, muted each other, put on our headphones and wrote. Every few minutes one of us is like “hey I got this idea for a chorus, or I got this idea for my verse or when you do that in your verse if you do that in your verse then imma do this in the next one.” And we go back and forth until it’s done. Honestly I don’t think it took more than about 45 minutes, maybe an hour to write SNL.”

TCvsChanze : “ Like Jamaal said we hopped on the zoom call. I was working on the song while at my friends house and I kept asking them hey guys what’s an ideal night on the town like for us and we built my lyrics up like that. I vividly remember my friend Tiffany saying “We would be late” and it inspired my line. “Finally pulling to the club and we coastin” haha. “

SNL has over 200K plays on Spotify, how do you feel about that?

Jamaal Marvel : “Wow. Like that’s really how I feel about it. The song just keeps growing daily! I can’t help but smile every time I think about so many people listening to my voice, to our song, our art, its crazy. And honestly it gives me encouragement to keep pushing and honing my skills. It makes me excited about the future!”

TCvsChanze : “It’s crazy to see how much this song has grown, how many people love it. Having people reach out to me randomly saying how much they love the song. We have been on over 9000 user own playlist and people listen on a daily basis. What really gets me the most is some of the names of the playlist just make my heart smile .An example of a few is “ My Feel good playlist, Late Night Drive and My fav Vibes”. Knowing that we are apart of people’s daily lives and we make them feel good, makes me so happy.”

What can fans expect when they hear the Party Pack?

Jamaal Marvel :”Energy, Diversity and just good music! I’m sooooo excited for this pack. We’re giving fans what they loved but in a new way, a new way to experience the joy and the good vibe energy. The Pack comes with three remixes of the original Saturday Night Lights and each one is completely different from the other. “

TCvsChanze: “Fans can definitely expect the same fun that me and Jamaal stand for. They will also get a new single that puts a new light on going out on a Saturday night.”

How is SNL Party Favors similar or different from the original?

Jamaal Marvel: “Okay, so what’s the same is the energy. The sensation of positivity of memories, of good times.

Also the nod to an older era of music with a modern twist. What’s different is the beat, the era of music we pulled inspiration from and a piece of the topic. While the original SNL talked about the feeling of being out buzzed with friends and enjoying the night, SNL Party Favors focuses on me out and gett’in on the dance floor! It’s one of those nights. “

TCvsChanze : Party Favors is the chill vibes between the two songs. The OG Saturday Night Lights is the hype, getting to the club, partying with your friends almost like the pregame . SNL party favors is just like Jamaal Said, getting on the dance floor having a good time and keeping the vibes going.

To Pre-save Saturday Night Light The Party Pack you can click the link here https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/tcvschanze/snl-party-favors-feat-...

To Keep Up with Jamaal Marvel follow him on instagram at Jamaal Marvel

To Keep up with TCvsChanze follow her on Instagram at TCvsChanze

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