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The Introduction of KD Cyco


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The song has a relaxing beat and opens up with a very climatic introduction before you hear Milyssa‘s voice which is known for its range and sultriness. Her range on this track is more on the deeper alto side, but it marries well with the melody. You can hear the passion in her voice, especially when she sings the part about struggling to breathe.… Continue

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Kyng Duval & Seerious Pennyy

This Florida duo came together to hit off the Spring break vibes in 2022 with a banger that a lot of people will be singing along to! This song entitled "So Expensive" can easily be played at the hottest clubs, at a beach party, driving in a drop top, or having strippers going all out to. The two different styles of rapping amongst Kvng Duval and…


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To The Top

City Wind comes from the west side of Chicago, and has made a name for himself in the past three years he has been pursuing music, "To The Top" is the latest song to catch the FM and… Continue

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Blacc Widohh intertwines intriguing concept and sound design in ‘Blacc Widohh Presents The Land Lord’

Missouri, United States Aug 26, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  - Dominating the scene with her compelling musical structures, a nationally recognized DJ, PR person, and C.O.O of O.M.G…


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L Meezy & Trew

"The grind is real" quoted Trew, one of St. Louis rap underground's legendary street emcees. "Stay da same never change", quotes L Meezy, also part of the most coveted St. Louis underground rap listeners in city history. Both emcees rep hard where they are from: Northside 88 Lane. As solo entertainers and with groups like Chop Shop…

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Music Legend Kilo MOE is Back With New Album

For the lovers of hip-hop and rap, Kilo MOE is not a new name. A seasoned artist of the game, Kilo MOE has been producing great music lately. He continues the streak with an upcoming album.

The artist is all set to release his fifth album, titled “Ole Pierpoint”. According to Kilo MOE, the album will be about the “who’s who” in the music industry.…


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10 pm is a pull up and vibe out song for a little cat and mouse action. Dwaine C once again delivers with his immense range of vocals. The flow of the lyrics, and the beat chose helps put together the storyboard for this song. Dwaine C set the bar for all of the real women to be picked up at 10pm.

Stream via…


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Jlynn has a story to tell, as do most artists, and she relates her past with her passion for music. Born in Califormia, but growing up in Texas, music has been helping and affecting Jlynn since an early age. Her music helped her get thru her past, and now it helped heal her in the present. She has a very versatile and unique sound and her range is…


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Newest release from Alabama’s own, Nawfisde KD

The song has a lot of emotion attached to it. Everyone has a come up at some point in their lives, and there is always someone in the background throwing shade or trying to destroy one’s peace. The beat and the lyrics marry well in this song, as per usual with Nawfside KD. His verbiage used and the…


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The Hustle is something we can all relate to. The movement, the traffic, the adrenaline rush, the rewards, and the sacrifices. Dripoline has made this East Coast vibe song to really vibe out to. Listeners can relax and just smoke and nod their heads to the song. The Hustle -part of the hook that stuck out to me was "masked up like the 31st of October"…


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a·bun·dant /əˈbəndənt/ adjective : existing or available in large quantities; plentiful.

having plenty of. Ample. Copious. Generous. RICH! LAVISH!

Abundant Records LLC was created in January 2021 by GHXST305 and Henny Hendrx.

Henny Hendrx aka Yannick Beaudouin Lortie is an Artist, Composer, Musician, Producer and Songwriter hailing…


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Ha$h Beeb$ is one of those slept on artists- the kind that you overlook and realize afterwards you should have given him a chance. He comes from New Mexico by way of Colorado and his presence is felt. He has only been in the industry a little over a year and has already been making a name for himself. His first show sold out and reached capacity. He…


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Welcome to the world of Sufferplenty, who blends alternative music with hip hop. He has been dabbling in music his whole life, and in 2017 he started recording music and posting his songs on SoundCloud. Coming from a place of moving around, and not having a stable environment, he has grown to express that in his lyrics in his songs. His sound…


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Really Really @JosephBills

Welcome to the world of Joseph Bills. He is ranked among the elite of the elite in Arizona’s hip hop scene. A genuine soul and a pure vibe to see his peers win and MAXOUT at every performance, he is the one to watch. With his single that has took over the airwaves, “Really Really” is a song that gets the juices flowing! His energy speaks on who really…


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Coming straight out of Cleveland, LV Mayhem follows up with his single “Impossible”. My favorite line is “They tryin they hardest to stop my flow” because that can mean different things to different people. The whole song goes through different scenarios and then how to overcome them with possible solutions. From haters in the wings to the females…


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Time Freeze- Yung Laser ft Lyfe Lit

This is yet another single from the East Coast Independent artists Yung Laser and Lyfe Lit. Their witty lyrical verses are immersed all into this song. “Take the fruit of my labor, make a smoothie”. They are becoming professionals at blending both of their styles to make it into a really dope song.

Go follow them both via social media:



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Road 2 Riches- Black Mike

Black Mike keeps coming out with hits. His newest single "Road 2 Riches" dropped December 18, 2020 and is projected to surpass his last single “Raincoat” in streams. The lyrical flow and the choice of verbiage in his verses are impeccable throughout the entire song. Once again, he demonstrates he is a true artist, both singing and rapping on this…


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Lessons N Luv

Welcome to the world of Milwaukee sensation, Donovan Sherrod. His newest single “Lessons N Luv” off of his newest project “Mixed Emotions” will have the listener feeling his mood and passion within the song. The melody and lyrics go hand in hand, and the project overall is heartfelt. The part that sticks out the most to me is

“She made me realize…


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